Message from President

Message from President

It is my enormous pleasure to announce that we are finally going to publish new website of Bangladesh Freight Forwarders Association (BAFFA). This new website, which contains up-to-date information about our members, will benefit our agents, partners, and all other business sectors and industries in Bangladesh, or abroad to contact Bangladeshi freight forwarders for business, or social purposes.

BAFFA plays a significant role, by its commendable performance, in integrating the economic trade activities of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Sector. It may be noted that BAFFA, on its part, is relentlessly lobbying with the government towards the development of overall logistics and freight forwarding industries by coordinating with the regulatory authorities of different ministries of the Bangladesh Government.

In an unprecedented global health crisis evolved due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, which had brought the businesses and economic activities to almost a standstill during the past eighteen (18) months, with the declining rate of coronavirus infection and mortality, it is time to have the business and trade going to save lives and livelihood of those who lost their businesses and employment. Against this background, there is a clear need to keep the trade and businesses flowing, both to ensure the supply of essential products and to send a signal of confidence for the global economy. But keeping the trade flowing requires cooperation and trust that was successfully offered by BAFFA members. BAFFA had worked in a heroic manner, during the pandemic period, to support Bangladesh economy and livelihood under the emergency support activities to keeping the global supply chains going, especially for essentials. For its own sustenance as well as to meeting the needs of the country, BAFFA had extended all-out support to the Customs Authority, all Port Authorities and International Airport authorities of Bangladesh to keeping those operational during the pandemic. Thus, BAFFA had helped to providing logistics support for the movement of medical shipments that were essential to combat COVID-19.

To supporting the members in distress, BAFFA has distributed funds to the members affected by COVID-19 pandemic with the one-time ex-gratia financial assistance to all members who were in need and who had applied for assistance. This initiative would remain as a milestone achievement in the history of BAFFA, especially during this morbid time of Covid-19.

At present, BAFFA is well known to the various regulatory bodies of Bangladesh and a widely recognized association in the global network of freight forwarders and promoting welfare of the members of this sector. BAFFA have already proved this by its activities during the COVID-19 pandemic by supporting its members in coordination with other chambers, associations and regulatory bodies of the Bangladesh Government. I believe this is great achievement for all the members of the association who worked with determination to achieve.

Our activities will continue to remain consistent with the global trading environment, and I am looking forward to another year of prosperity, creativity, and business success for our valued members.

Kabir Ahmed
Email: president@baffa-bd.org