November 29, 2012

All Members, BAFFA

Sub: Work Progress Activities of BAFFA

Dear Members,

I would like to high light some of the key work undertaken by the BAFFA Board. Progress activities in different areas of BAFFA are forwarded for your kind information:

1.    The long awaited 1st Member Directory of BAFFA is in printing and will be available for distribution to the members by 1st week of December, 2012. I personally think all the members who have contributed in the publication. A special thanks to Mr. Asif A. Chowdhury, Director Publication and BAFFA Secretariat for their tireless efforts.

2.    The Board has already approved the proposal of changes in BAFFA constitution to correct all the anomalies that has caused confusion among members especially regarding annual subscription. The copy of proposed changed constitution will be mailed to all members along with the notice for EGM. Our Convener for Constitution Subcommittee Mr. Zahid Hossain (Feroze) and his subcommittee has worked quite tenaciously for BAFFA to have a clean constitution.

3.    The BAFFA Board has successfully completed the financial audit of IFFAB, ACAB & BAFFA accounts and has completed the merger of IFFAB & ACAB accounts with BAFFA. The audited balance sheet will be forwarded to all members for their record. I would like to thank Mr. Belal-E Baqi Idrishi, Director, BAFFA and his Audit subcommittee for getting this done.

4.    The board has approved purchase of accounting software to automate BAFFA Accounts. With effect from January 01, 2013 the BAFFA regional and central accounts will be automated. Also it must be brought to the member’s notices that a financial discipline has been introduced in BAFFA’s accounting process by our finance Directors Capt. (Retd.) Zahir Uddin Ahamed and Mr. S A Zaman.

5.    BAFFA web site has been soft launched. Please advise your valued suggestion and recommendations for it improvement, to BAFFA Secretariat.

6.    BAFFA Members information database is going to be automated through customized software which is under construction. We expect to complete this project by February 2013.

7.    As per members request and BAFFA Board decision BAFFA Secretariat at Dhaka and Chittagong is processing Freight Forwarding License renewal. Two of our Board members Mr. Amiya Shanker Barmar in Chittagong and Mr. Syed Md. Bakhtiar in Dhaka are personally supervising the project.

8.    The Airport Gate pass which is security document had some issues and therefore BAFFA had to withdraw blanket books given to some members. To facilitate the members and for record keeping we are studying the process to automate the issuance of gate pass.

9.    On the Government front the committee has been in continuous liaison with Chittagong Port Authority, Chittagong Customs, Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB), Bangladesh Biman, Dhaka Customs, National Board of Revenue (NBR), and Bangladesh Bank to take up different issues relating to Freight Forwarding Trade with the respective authority.

10.    The committee also called on to exchange views with BGMEA and ICSA on various issues.

11.    A working group of (BGMEA, BAFFA & ICSA) has been formed with 2 members’ from each Association to address various issues.

12.    In regard to disputes with BGMEA members, we have been able to form a joint Arbitration committee of BAFFA & BGMEA. Thus our members are not subjected to unilateral Arbitration of by BGMEA.

13.    Further to my note of 24th November, we had a follow-up meeting with Bangladesh Bank on our outstanding issues and we are expecting to receive positive outcome shortly.        

Best Regards.

Mahbubul Anam
Bangladesh Freight Forwarding Association


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