Management of Canopy Area at Export Cargo Village, HSI Airport, Dhaka by BAFFA


April 5, 2016


Hon’ble Board of Directors

Bangladesh Freight Forwarders Association


 Subject: Management of Canopy Area at Export Cargo Village, HSI Airport, Dhaka by BAFFA


Dear Sir(s),


References to the earlier Circular of BAFFA vide no. BAFFA/2016/0107 dated 31st March 2016, please be noted that an emergency meeting held on April 2, 2016 (yesterday) presided by Hon’ble President-BAFFA with presence of Board of Directors of BAFFA in order to ease the existing cargo handling crisis at Dhaka airport cargo village and after thread bear discussions the following decisions been taken in compliance with the security level imposed based on ACC3 and RA3 regulations at Export Cargo Village, HSI Airport, Dhaka:


1) Within the canopy area, members may unload their export cargo to pest the stickers and keep the same at the allocated bay under Canopy by BAFFA not more than 48 (forty eight) hours prior to proceed for scanning, palletizing and Upliftment. For using the allocated bay within the export canopy area after 48 (forty eight) hours, BAFFA will impose storage charge to the concerned member for additional hours for  keeping their goods within the export canopy area according the rate chart to be published by BAFFA soon.


2) A standard weighing scale being installed by BAFFA at the entrance of export cargo canopy, so that the members need not take the cargo to acceptance area weighting scale to take the weight and come back to the canopy area again, which causes severe congestion around the cargo acceptance area.


3) As per ACC3 & RA3 security requirement the entire cargo export canopy area will be under the surveillance of CCTV camera and same to be installed and monitored by BAFFA appointed security team (installation in progress).


4) In compliance with the security request at the Cargo Village  a professional aviation security service company named “Millennium Certis Security Bangladesh Ltd.” already been appointed by BAFFA and their full team to be deployed by the first week of April, 2016 at Cargo Village in order to take control of the area as desired. This will bring discipline in the canopy storage area and help the members to professionally handle their export cargo in secure environment. 


5) BAFFA will also take measures to improve the sanitation system and facilities at Cargo Village for its workers and officials.


6) As per directive of the EU validator & Biman no BAFFA member or its staff will be allowed to work at the Cargo village including the Canopy area without BAFFA safety vest (Jacket) and BAFFA ID Card. (the management staff of member’s organization who are entitle to entrance Cargo Village must also have BAFFA ID Card).


7) Some unauthorized boxes are found in export Canopy area and those must be removed by its owners with immediate effect. Hence, we would like to request the members (who have kept those unauthorized boxes within the export canopy area) to kindly remove the same on or before April 7, 2016. After 7th of April’ 2016 all unauthorized boxes should be abandoned by the concerned authority and in any circumstances BAFFA shall not be liable or responsible for any consequences thereof.   


8) Valued BAFFA members are requested to register their cargo/goods particulars in detail (i.e. gate pass number, shippers invoice number, number of cartons, gross weight, measurement of each carton, destination, flight number and date to be booked) with BAFFA office located in export cargo village for those are lying at export canopy area and occupying the space inside canopy within 5.30 pm dated April 7, 2016 without fail. In case of failing to do so within the stipulated time, all unregistered cargo may be abandoned by the concerned authority and in any circumstances BAFFA shall not be liable or responsible for any consequences thereof.   


9) An Action Committee been formed with valued BAFFA members in order to look after and monitor the entire measures/actions and its implementations to be taken by BAFFA from time to time with their physical presence at export cargo village whenever it is necessary.


10) It is also been decided that, BAFFA will also take necessary measures to sit with the concerned authorities involved in import warehouse operation & management soon in order to resolve the problems being faced at import warehouse by our valued members.


BOD of BAFFA urges to all of its valued members and their staffs working at cargo village to extend their utmost cooperation and support towards BAFFA and also requested to hold their kind patience in this regard, which will definitely help us to execute such an important and responsible task in order to facilitate the industry in much effective and disciplined manner in near future.


Thanking you.

By order of the BOD of BAFFA


Farouk Ahammed

Asst. Executive Secretary


Bangladesh Freight Forwarders Association

Ataturk Tower (8th Floor)

22, Kemal Ataturk Avenue

Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh

T: +880 2 8836324-5, 9881663

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